How to Prepare your own oha soup


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Below are the best procedures to prepare Oha soup.

How to Prepare your own oha soup

Oha soup is food ate by the Nigerians but this particular foods’ cooking format was not actually composed by any Nigerian tribe but by the Ghanaian. But it’s widely ate by the Nigerians so this now made the Nigerians add more format of cooking the oha soup to make it more tasty. After all said it is now time for you to learn how to Prepare your own oha soup from scratch.

Ingredients need for preparation.

Oha Leaf.

Half bottle of Red oil

Grinded  Egusi (for thickness).


Cameroon pepper.

Achi or Ogiri

Meat of fish

Stock fish

Salt for taste.

Preparation Method.

Step one

Per boil your Meat or fish together with you stock fish.

Step two

Carefully wash and slice your Oha Leaf to your desired shape and keep aside.

Step three.

Put a dried pot on heat and leave it for one minutes now pour in your red oil and allow it to bleach for one minutes.

Step four.

Now pour in your grinded egusi and start turning for about 5 minutes or more.

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Step five.

After the above step you can now introduce your per boiled meat or fish together with the water used in cooking it with the stock fish and allow it to cook for about five minutes.

Step six.

After that you can now put your Oha Leaf and Achi.

Step seven

Allow your food to cook for five to seven minutes then add your Maggi and pepper.

Can be served with Akpu,Garri or wheat.

Are you still having difficulties preparing your own Oha soup? Then watch the video tutorial below.

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