The story of Medusa ( Greek Methology )


Below is a brief history on the story of Medusa.

The story of Medusa ( Greek Methology )

Medusa was the youngest among the three Gorgon sisters and was the most beautiful among them she had beautiful hairs and fine shaped fingers. Although she was a Goddess but she was not always considered as one because she had some characteristics exhabited by humans.

The three Gorgon Sisters


Medusas story was among the Greek Methodology which they said existed long time ago ( during the first humans).

Medusa dedicated her life in serving the Goddess Athena whom she believed was the strongest of the Gods.

The goddess Athena

The Goddess Athena was a Goddess of war and wisdom.

Medusa started serving the Goddess at her little age up till her adult.

So one day persidon (the God of water)entered into an argument with the Goddess Athena. On arguing he sow Medusa and thought her as a possession he could take from the Goddess Atina.

Poseidon the Gods of Water

So then The God of water Persidon approach Medusa but she turned him down.

He kept on trying but she refused him.

So one day the Gods of water Persidon decide he was going to do what he wanted by force. 

Persidon and Medusa

And at that time rumors had start spreading that Medusa was more prettier than the Godess Atina (comparing the servant to her master) and this got the Godess Atina a bit jealous of Medusa.

So one faithful day the Gods of water Persidon sow Medusa from far and ran with a God like speed (an undefined speed no human can outrun) Medusa sow him an ran to the Godess Atinas temple and pleaded for help but she ignored her and the Gods of water Persidon had his way through her. After that he left her vulnerable and unprotected.

Medusa img

Now Medusa was no more a vagine (and it was said that any servant serving the Gods most be a vagine till death. and Medusa just broke that rule).

Although she was now Persidons possession because back then the Gods took their mate as their possession.

Letter on Medusa went to the Godess Atinas temple to beg for mercy but the Godess Atina was very angry with Medusa.

Athens curse on Medusa

The Godess Atina cursed Medusa and turned her beautiful hair into a hair full of venomous snake, her stomach down to her legs was turned to the body of snake, her beautiful fingers were now very sharp, sharp enough to pearce through walls, no man could look directly into her eyes, any man whom did will turn to stone instantly.

Medusa Curse

Medusas curse was very grave and the Features of the curse was a power kings were seeking for them selves ( king needed her head so they can turn their opponents into stones without going into war) .

Lots of kings and warlords came for Medusas head but she managed to turn them into stone.

Medusa Fight

After 10 years of Medusas curse Persues the son of Zeus was charge with the quest of get Medusas head for his earthly Father (the king Menulas).

To do this Persues needed help from the Gods.

The Godess Atina gave Persues a shield hard enough to block Medusas violent eco and two pairs of wings so he can fly up to meet Medusa.

The Gods of the underground Heidi’s gave Persues a helmet that made him invisible.

Zeus the Gods of thunder gave Persues a sword sharp enough to cut the head of Medusa.

Now Persues was ready for his quest.

Medusa the quest of Persues


And as expected he challenged Medusa and won.

Medusa was pregnant at the time of her death. When Persues cut her head off two creatures springed out of her body. The first was peggesis a wing horse and the second was a Giant.

Medusa death

It was said that Persues first flew to Ethiopia and settled at the waterside for some time while he was their he dropped the head of Medusa close to the river and it turned the river red.

Again he flew to middle Ethiopia their he found his wife, she was a princess and the gave birth to three children.

Then he flew to his home and turned his earthly father (Menulas) to stone. because he found out he was maltreatment his mother.

Final he flew up and gave the head of Medusa to the Godess Atina.

And she placed it on a shield.

Medusa head on a shield

This prove that even the Gods commits the sin which they prove them selves heavenly above.

Today Medusas face is used as a simbol of peace and wisdom.

As her story was among the Greek Methodology which was not actually understood.

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