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Below are the best format of preparing Jellof Rice.

Jellof rice preparation

Rice is a food widely ate round the world but Jellof Rice is a system of cooking rice mostly practiced in Nigeria by the south east part it. this part mostly consists of the igbos. Now let’s dive into Jellof rice preparation.

Ingredients need for Jellof Rice prepareation

Two to Four cups of rice.

Vegetable oil


Fish or Meat


Cameroon pepper

Salt for taste

Step to prepare Jelouf Rice.

Step one.

Get at least two to four cups of raw rice (pending on the amount of people you want to feed.)

Step two

Per boil your rice for about 2 minutes so you can eliminate starch from the rice

Step three

Now deep sock your per boiled rice inside a bigger pot ( a pot big enough to contain the rice even when it increase in quantity)

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Step four

Now add all your listed ingredients (Maggi, Cameroon pepper, your per boiled meat or fish, crayfish and salt) then cover your pot and allow your food to cook (note that your food is not yet done until the whole water in the rice have dried)

Can be served with a chilled soft drink of your choice.

Are you still have difficulties Preparing Jellof Rice? Then watch the video tutorial below.

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