The story of Hercules


    Hercules is a Greek Methology which they said to have exited years back.

    Hercules story

    The story of Hercules begins as we introduce the rightful son of Zeus (the Lord of thunder.)

    at the time of Hercules birth Hades The Gods of the underground summoned the feature seers to tell him the faith of his regime.

    Hades from Hercules story

    They sow it and told him that if he pledged a war on Zeus he was going to win and all that belonged to Zeus was going to be his.

    He was very excited about the news. He had planed to attack Zeus letter on.

    But then the feature seers warned him that if Hercules should stand and fight against him he was going to fall.

    Now Hades had to eliminate Hercules in other for him to succeed Zeus position.

    Hades composed a lotion that can turn a Gods into human (because God’s are Immortal and can’t be killed but can be trapped for years)

    So on the day of Hercules dedication Zeus created a wing horse (Pegasus) to serve as Hercules friend while he was growing up.

    Pegasus from Hercules story

    Hades came to Hercules dedication with the lotion but he did not succeed.

    So he sent his messengers to get the job done for him.

    One night while the Gods were far asleep Hades messengers came and kiddnaped Hercules.

    They took him to earth and turned him to human. But due to their recklessness they did not feed him to the last drop of the lotion.

    So this made Hercules retain part of his godlike strength.

    A miracle happened and the messengers were unable to kill Hercules.

    But the bad news was that Hercules was not a Gods again.

    So Hercules grow up at a small town as a farmer.

    While growing up he was exhabiting some strange powers and he had incredible speed.

    He was later found by ruku (a half human and half goat creature) ruku was a martial artist tutor who thought Achilles ( Achilles was among the greatest war lord to live on earth) Click here to read the story of Achilles >>>.

    Ruku trained Hercules to be a fine warrior and later took him to the temple so he can pray for strength from the Gods.

    After so many years the Lord of thunder  Zeus sees his son again.

    Zeus God of thunder

    Zeus blessed him and gave him all that belonged to him for his quest as a warrior. These belongs the lord of thunder Zeus gave to him includes Pegasus his old time friend.

    Hercules fought lots of battles. He fought demi Gods and wicked warlords and gained victory.

    So one day he came to Zeus his father and asked to join him up their he stays but Zeus told him that it was not in his powers to do such.

    Zeus told him that for him to be a God he has to earn it. Hercules still continues his quest.

    Now years have passed and Hades with full confidence pledged a war on Olympus feeling that Hercules was dead.

    Hades went with him demons from hell ( evil demons traps inside a cage below earth for years by Zeus). And together with the demons Hades conquered Olympus and trapped Zeus inside a rock.

    Again Hades consumed the soul of a lady he thought was no one. Not knowing that this lady was Hercules girlfriend.

    Hercules story

    This made Hercules angry and he went to challenge Hades but as a human he was no match for Hades.

    So Hades casted him down to hell not knowing he was Hercules.

    Story of Hercules

    Now down there in hell was where Hades buried talents and abilities he stole from people.

    Hercules ability and strength located him and turned him into a full God.

    Now Hercules can perform as a God. Very good for him because the story of Hercules can’t just end up with out him gaining his power.

    Hercules flew up to Olympus with Pegasus and cut the chains used in chaining the Olympus warrior than Hercules released Zeus his father from the stone cage.

    Hercules on his own went down to hell and brought back the soul of his girlfriend.

    He casted Hades down to hell and sailed him there for ever.

    Hercules married his girlfriend and they lived happily.

    Hercules girlfriend name was not mentioned but it was said that she she was the first human to live in Olympus.

    Zeus Olympus

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