Garri preparation from Scratch


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Below are the best procedures to prepare Garri from Scratch.

Garri preparation from Scratch

Garri is an African traditional food ate mostly by the igbo tribes ( the igbo tribe is among the 250 tribes that lives in Nigeria). Now let us go back to Garri preparation from Scratch.

Note that garri is and end product gotten from Cassava tuber.

Step one

Get and pile the back of your Cassava tube.

Step two

Wash your piled Cassava tuber with clean water and a pinch of detergent.

Step three.

Take it a any Cassava grander around ( Although you can grand it on your own but it will take lots of time to finish so it’s best advice to take it to a Cassava grinder)

Step four.

After grinding your Cassava tuber you pressure it so it dries faster. (it can four to five days to dry)

Step five.

Now it’s to dry-fry your grinded Cassava. (before your start frying you first shifter it with garri shifter so it won’t have much garri seed in it)

Now start frying with a bigger frying pan and while frying don’t allow it to get burnt or you might not like the taste.

Step six.

After frying you allow it get worm before making use of it.

Can be sourced with Egusi soup, Vegetable soup or Oha soup.

Are you still having difficulties? Then watch the video tutorial below.

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