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Best Step to prepare Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is among the oldest food ate by the Nigerians especially the south east part of Nigeria. The soup was nicknamed Ofe Owerri ( “ofe” meaning soup “owerri” a small town located at the center of Imo State, a state in the south east part of Nigerian. This means “a soup owned by the Owerri people. ) The egusi soup was nick named ofe Owerri because it is believed that the format of cooking the egusi soup was composed by the Owerri tribe. Now moving over to Egusi soup preparation.


Below are the best procedures to prepare an egusi soup

Egusi soup preparation


Two cups of Grande egusi

Half bottle of red oil

One full cooking spoon of Archi

Four cubes of maggi

Meat or Fish

Stock fish

Salt for taste.

Steps in preparation.

Step one

At first you per boil your meat or fish together with your stock fish.

Step two

Put a dried neat pot on the heat and leave it to heat for three minutes.

After that you pure in your red oil and allow it to breach for 30 seconds.

Step three.


Now pure in your Grande Egusi and turning it for like two minutes. ( note that turning you egusi as it’s heating helps prevent it from burning and also prevent it from causing running stomach)

Step four


After Turing your egusi you pour in the water of your per boiled meat or fish and allow your food to cook for about three minutes.

Step five

Now you can put your ingredients source ( archi, Maggi and salt.)

After that cover your pot and allow your food to cooking for five minutes.

You can serve with akpu, garri or wheat.

Are you still have difficulties Preparing Egusi soup? Then watch the video tutorial below.

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