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Hiakimaru was a legend who lived thousands of years back

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Hiakimara was the first son of Dugara.

Dugara was the ruler of Diaga.

Due to the famine in the land of Diaga poverty and suffering. Dugara on day went to strick a deal with the demons with a tribute but his tribute was rejected by the demons.

The demons said they needed is unborn son which was Hiakimara.

Due to the love Dugara had for his land he accepted the offer.

So on the day of Hiakimaras birth. He was taken to the demons and was offered to them so they will eat him and prosper their land.

Hiakimaras mother never supported this but he was taken away from her as she was still unconscious.

Instead of eating Hiakimara to death the demons ate his body parts and left Hiakimara to suffer as he had no body part that was functioning.

They then gave him an eye that could only diffrentiate humans from demons. after that they demons throw him fat away from the land of Diaga.

A monk named Centaur found and raised Hiakimara.

He tried his best to save Hiakimara by giving him artificial bodies.

Hiakimaras hands and legs were constructed with sticks.


His skin were clothed with materials so he can’t feel much pains from body contact. Hiakimaras learnt swordmanship all his life and was very good at it.

He was very intelligent and sensitive he could dictate when objects are coming to him and had his perfect stance to avoid them.

At the age of 12 Hiakimara killed his first demon and his hearing. This came out to be that the demon he killed was the one that ate his ear while he waslittle.

Now Hiakimara knew that his body parts were with the demons and that he had to slay all of them in other for him to gain his full body parts. Hiakimaras thanked the monk that raised him and set off for his journey.

Hiakimaru photo

Hiakimara killed lots of demons and gained lots of his body parts.

And this was affecting his father’s land.There by cause death and crisis in the land.

Dugara noticed that Hiakimara a was still alive so he tasked his younger son Tahumara to go kill Hiakimara so there land can prosper again.

Tahumara never knew the personhe was going to slay was not just his senior brother but a real demon slayer.

It would need a thousand of Tahumaras skills to penetrate Hiakimara.

And of curse he met with Hiakimara and engaged in a fight but was no match for his elder brother so his life was spared by Hiakimara cause Hiakimara sow that his skin color was like that of a human not knowing that the person he was fighting was his junior brother.

So one day while the crisis on the land of Diaga was outraging and the land was perishing.

Nebouring villages started assembling attacks on the land of Diaga.

Dugara went to ask the demons for another offer. But the demons ordered for Hiakimaras head. But this time it was too late.

While Hiakimara was on his quest he met a little girl named Dorama whom posed her self to be a boy due to harshship in the land.

Dorama dressed and behaved like a boy so that she can fit in any community she lived in and also survived the hardship.

Dororo from Hiakimaru Full movie highlights and description

Doramas father was a lord of samurais who had big castle and controled over thousands of samurais.

But then Doramas father was killed by solders and his mother starved and died right in the arms of Dorama.

Dorama lost his both parents at the age of 9 and hustle his way until he found Hiakimara.

They both live as best friends and helped each other.

The last demon was slayed by Hiakimara and his whole body parts were regained.

This made the land of Diaga to suffer.

Dugara met his son Hiakimara head to head and was espect Hiakimara to end his life because he thought his whole world had finished and his home was destroyed. And of a truth his whole home was destroyed his second son Tahumara and his wife died as a result of fire outbreak caused by the last fight faugth by Hiakimara and Tahumara.

But then Hiakimarawas not a killer so I stead of killing Dugara he turned his back and left while he was leaving he advised Dugara to find a way to start his life over he told him that dieing will not solve the problem.

Now Dugara realized that Hiakimara had a strong spirit and spirit willing to leave and forgive, and spirit don’t does not give in to pain. And this strength and spirit was what the demons desired so dearly that they could give any thing to aquire it.

Dugara regretted ever giving up his son to the demons.

He said if only he raised Hiakimara all the dreams which he had for his land would have been accomplishedthrough Hiakimara.

Hiakimaraon the other hand wondered off with out Dorama. He said he wanted to explore all that life had to offer and that was the last time Dorama ever sow Hiakimara and also it was the last record of him. Where he went from there was unknown.

Dorama grew up to be a fine lady she followed the footsteps of her father and later discovered a hidden treasure her father had hidden for feature purpose.

Dororo as a grown up

She took this treasure and built an land where people seeking for help found refuge.

This story was narrated by Dororo. It was found on her diary and historical facts by the early men proved this story to have exited before on earth.

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