How to Produce your own Akpu from scratch.


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Akpu is a traditional starchy food that is  sourced with soup and is ate mostly by the igbo tribes. (the igbos are one of the oldest tribes that are found on the south east part of Nigeria.) now let go over to akpu preparation.

Below are the best procedure to produce your own Akpu.

Akpu preparation

Note that Akpu is a starchy food gotten from fumigated Cassava.


Step one

Get your Cassava and pile out the back cover.

Step two

Was your pilled Cassava with water and a pinch of detergent.

Step three.

Now deep sock your Cassava in water and leave for 1 week and five days ( your can still leave it for more days so it can fumigate well)

Step four.

After completing the steps above your Cassava is now read for preparation. Now it’s time to crush your fumigated Cassava.

(You can either crush it on your own or you employ someone to help you get the job done.)  

You need to crush your Cassava until it is very sticky.

Step five.

After crushing your Cassava you mold it into a waterproof in your desired shape and deep boil it for about 25 Minutes.

You can serve with egusi soup, vegetable soup or oha soup.

Are you still have difficulties Preparing your own Akpu? Then watch the video tutorial below.

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