Achilles Greek Methology


Achilles story was a Greek Methology said to be the greatest warlord that ever existed on earth.

Achilles Greek Methology

Achilles mother( Thetis ) was a priestess that servers the God of War and wisdom (Atina)

Achilles Mother (Thetis)


At the time of Achilles birth the Gods instructed his mother to deep him into the water but while doing it the hand she used in deeping him should not touch the water (while some said she was instructed to deep in into a boiling water). She held him on his toes while deeping him into the water this made Achilles an invisible warrior but his vulnerability was his toes because his toes never went into the water.

Achilles grew up to be a strong warrior. He defeated all his opponents and was considered to be the strongest of the warriors.

Achilles was a Trojan warrior. Whom fought for only him self and not for his country.

Achilles last stand was fought in the city of Troy.

Achilles last stand ( city of Troy)

while going for the war against troy his mother told him that if he stayed with out going for war he will live long, have children, grow old and eventually he will die, she said that as a great warrior his name will be heard by great men, she said his name will reign in his generation, that of his children, his grandchildren, down to his fourth or fifth generation and his name will die.

Then she told. But if he goes to war and fight against Troy, she will never see him again and his name will live forever in the hearts of men from generation to generation his name will never die.

And as expected Achilles went for the war and he never returned.

On the battle field Achilles found peace at the side of a priestess named Bisses whom he took as a possession after conquering the frontal defense of Troy. The defense that protects the temple where Bisses served.

Achilles met his death by the hand of Paris ( Paris was the first son of the king of Troy).

Achilles death

After thousands of years past the story of Achilles in still told till this very day.

Below is a video description on the story of Achilles.

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